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AutoMate—The Car Dealer Chatbot

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AutoMate is a self-learning chatbot for car dealers and automotive brands. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with visitors to your dealership website and respond to queries as a customer service agent would. Deploy this intelligent chat assistant to generate more leads and sell more cars.

Automate Your Lead Generation and Customer Service Activities

Chooding Car

Choosing a Car

Let the bot guide car shoppers. It can recommend vehicles based on shopper preferences and help compare models.

Booking Rides

Booking Test Rides

For prospective customers, the bot can suggest test drives and schedule them in a matter of seconds.

Scheduling Service

Scheduling Service

The bot will interact with customers and arrange a convenient time and date for servicing their vehicle.

Business Benefits of Integrating AutoMate

Sales Assistance

24/7 Sales Assistance

With the bot always available, you will never miss a lead. It works without pause, providing responses as and when customers demand.

Service Snag

Service Without a Snag

Automated service and repair bookings reduce the stress on your staff and ease customer frustration.

Increased Capacity

Increased Capacity

The chatbot can interact with multiple customers simultaneously. Without increasing headcount, your team can handle more queries/requests.

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

High data search speed enables the car dealer bot to quickly gather customer history and hold personalized conversations.

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads

The bot captures visitor information while engaging with them and builds your customer repository. Your sales team will get qualified leads to follow up and continue the conversation.

Precise Response

Precise Response

Sentiment analysis of conversation helps the bot decide what content to show the user. It learns constantly and refines responses to guide shoppers through a frictionless sales funnel towards closing the deal.

Offer Blasts

Timely Offer Blasts

It can broadcast newly launched vehicles, price reduction on favorited cars, and other relevant promotions to shoppers in the course of conversation.

Satisfied Customer

Satisfied Customers

AutoMate takes your customer service to the next level with personalized, precise, and practicable real-time chat support.

How the Car Dealer Chatbot Works

The chatbot for automotive dealers is built on top of the IBM Watson artificial intelligence platform to conduct textual conversations with shoppers. Natural language processing and machine learning capabilities enable it to understand the meaning of different word combinations, ask questions to create context, and respond appropriately.

The chat solution resides on the cloud and can be integrated with websites or messaging platforms. It consists of the following components:

  • Chatbot plugin: The plugin provides the interface to handle all text requests and responses. It has to be installed on the platform where the bot is to function.
  • Admin panel: A dashboard displays chat history, conversation trends, and contacts extracted from chat sessions.
  • Bot engine: This is the brain of the car dealer chatbot that uses machine learning to understand shopper queries and convert them to corresponding intent. The dialog management part of the chatbot engine defines the workflow for car dealerships.
  • Backend API: The API server interacts with the frontend plugin, accepts incoming requests, processes them, and prepares appropriate responses.
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